Bye-Bye Razor Bumps!

If you’re past the age of puberty chances are you’ve been introduced to a razor. 9 out of 10 men shave daily and if you’re in the Military working for Uncle Sam you must shave daily.

Whether it is men shaving their faces and heads or women with their armpits, legs or delicate areas, we all dread the whole routine of shaving. The emergence of razor bumps has most often been cited as the main reason people avoid shaving. If you fall into this category we have just the thing for you – Comfort Glide Shaving Oil made by Thunder Ridge Emu Products.

Razor bumps, also called pseudofolliculitis barbae, are small, irritated bumps on the skin that occur when the cut hair curls back on itself and grows into the skin. Shaving can ravish skin cells which then inflame the hair follicle and make blockages more regular. Because of the natural anti-inflammatory properties in Emu Oil (Omega 3) and the fact that the oil is non-comedogenic which means that not only does it not clog the pores but also removes dead or dying cells it is a perfect treatment to help restore the integrity of tissues hurt by razor bumps or razor burns.

Combining Emu Oil with other essential herbal oils conditions and lubricates the skin creating a smooth, comfortable shave. It lets your razor glide effortlessly giving you the closest shave possible while eliminating razor bumps, razor burns and skin irritations. On wet skin use just a few drops of Comfort Glide to cover face or head and prepare yourself for a wonderful shaving experience. It is 100% natural. There are no harsh chemicals, nothing to dry your skin – just the smoothest shave ever. You can even shave in the shower!

Arik Smith, a personal trainer from Philadelphia, PA, says “For most of my adult life I’ve had razor bumps. With Thunder Ridge Comfort Glide and Emu Oil I found it not only cleared up the infections but also removed all the sores. My skin had NEVER looked the way it has these past months. The bumps have never returned. Thank you”.

Today, Emu Oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets and is being used in more and more personal care products. Emus, the large flightless birds, native to Australia, have long been used by native Aborigines for their amazing healing properties. The oil was traditionally used to relieve inflammation of stiff, swollen joints, as a remedy for skin irritations, to help heal burns and wounds and to sooth and moisturizes dry cracked skin. There is a huge demand for natural products and the green industry is getting a greater percentage of the market share.

You may be wondering “What is Emu Oil and how is it so efficient?” Emu Oil is 100% essential fatty acids including Omega 3 (Linolenic), Omega 6 (Linoleci) and Omega 9 (Oleic) and is the oil that is most like the oil our bodies produce. These essential fatty acids have proven to be the nutrition your skin needs. Studies have shown that the oil penetrates through the epidermal layers of the skin, down to the basal layer where it starts repairing, nourishing and enhancing new cells.

Thunder Ridge Emu Product currently has 16 personal care products on the market with 3 more on the drawing board to be released soon. The products are all natural, drug and paraben free and have been formulated with the greatest of care using only the finest ingredients. They are currently being sold through national distributors, health food stores, medical professionals, salons, spas, mass marketing and through internet sales.

Please visit our website at www.ThunderRidgeEmu.com or call 703-631-9074.

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