Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What does AEA Certified Emu Oil mean?

A - The American Emu Association governs trade, production and distribution guidelines for the industry.  Emu oil refiners must submit a chemist certified batch to the AEA for review.  Additionally, any emu oil producer with the AEA seal has passed rigorous inspection of their facilities along with a review of their final product.  AEA emu oil producers may not cut their products with any other type of oil. 

Q - Why is emu oil moisturizer better than other moisturizers?

A - Emu oil hydrates the skin from the inside out through hyper-oxygenation.   The fatty acids that are naturally found in emu oil are essential to healthy skin.

Q - How can I tell if I'm getting the best emu oil?

A - Quality refined emu oil will have no odor, will be light in color, and the manufacturer will be approved by the American Emu Association.

Q - Why should I use Thunder Ridge Emu Products over other emu oil products?

A - Thunder Ridge only uses AEA certified oil and natural products.  Anne Geller, President of Thunder Ridge, has spent many years developing her Emu Oil recipes - since 1993 - 25 years of offering quality products made in the USA!