Thunder Ridge Emu Products Are Made With 100% Pure Emu Oil

Manassas, VA – Look, we all know things are tight. It’s even scary to even open the 401K statement when it comes. However, there is only so much cutting back a girl can do.

It’s summer. Those new strappy sandals and flip flops are a must, but the weekly pedicure may have to stretch for two to three weeks. It’s time to revert to plan B. Offer your clients new professional quality products they can purchase directly from your salon at affordable prices and use at home between salon appointments.

Neat Feet, a not so new product with an exciting brand-new look manufactured by Thunder Ridge Emu Products, is just the ticket! Combining Emu Oil, Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil, it is not only a great moisturizer but also does amazing things for dry cracked feet. As it conditions, a special exfoliant gently removes that old dead winter skin, softens callous on toes and the bottoms of the feet as well as repairing splits and cracks on the heels. It also works great on rough elbows!

Try using Neat Feet after a foot massage or simply circulate a jar for sampling while clients are sitting in your salon chair. We guarantee you will generate some new sales.

For clients suffering from diabetes, poor circulation or simply exposure to the harsh outside elements, Neat Feet used daily will keep your client’s feet looking both great and in tip top condition.

At Thunder Ridge Emu Products, we are always looking for new ways to partner with you and your clients. All 16 of our personal care products have been formulated with the best natural products available. The entire Thunder Ridge Emu Product Line has just been redesigned with beautiful new packaging that your clients will love.

For more information on Neat Feet and other Thunder Ridge Emu Products, call 800-457-0617 or visit their website at

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