applying an emollient to dry flaky skin as in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions


Local DC Area Entrepreneur Has Earned an International Reputation for Success in Beauty Care!

Emu oil comes from large flightless birds native to Australia; however they are currently being farmed here in Northern Virginia for their low fat, low cholesterol red meat as well as their therapeutic fat that is refined into oil.

Australian Aborigines have long known about the amazing properties naturally present in emu oil. It was traditionally used to relieve inflammation of stiff, swollen joints, as a remedy for skin irritations, to help heal burns and wounds and to soothe and moisturize dry, cracked skin.

Thunder Ridge Emu Farm, located outside Warrenton, VA in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains is one of the largest emu producers on the East Coast. About 300 emus roam freely in large fenced-in pastures. The special feed program that owner Anne Geller developed for her emu farm is an all-natural blend of customized grains and minerals that contains no steroids, hormones, antibiotics or other animal proteins. “Our feed is 100% natural and our birds are never injected with anything,” states Geller.

“Like most new start-up businesses, our beginning was not easy. I spent most of my time educating people on what an emu was and its benefits. Our first show was the NBC Sponsored show, 4 Your Health at the DC Convention Center. The response we got from people really opened my eyes and I knew the oil would be a winner. After that we were off and running. We now have 16 different personal care products on the market with 3 more on the drawing board. In an effort to make more of an impact on the green and natural marketplace we have gone through a complete re-formulation. All of our products are now completely drug and paraben free” says Geller.

Today, emu oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets and is being used more and more in spa wellness products. There is a huge demand for natural products and the green industry is getting a greater percentage of the market share. Since this is an all-natural product and completely chemical free, there are no allergic reactions or adverse effects. Nationally acclaimed researcher, Dr. Barry Sears said, “Emu oil is an untapped resource and currently is where aspirin was in the early 1900’s”. So, if this is the direction you are heading, then emu oil and emu oil products deserve your serious consideration.

What Is Emu Oil?

100% emu oil is made up completely of essential fatty acids including Omega 3 (Linolenic), Omega 6 (Linoleic) and Omega 9 (Oleic) and is the oil that is most like the oil our bodies produce. These essential fatty acids have proven to be the nutrition your skin needs. Every day our bodies are producing 300 billion new cells and each one of these cells needs essential fatty acids to build a strong cell wall.

Studies have shown that the oil penetrates through the epidermal layers of the skin down to the basal layer where it starts repairing, nourishing and enhancing new cells. It is also anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, so it will not clog the pores.

Another special property of emu oil is the fact that the oil is hyper-oxygenated. Geller, says, “You can actually see it work. Put a drop on your cheek and massage it into your skin. You skin will immediately flush. That is the oxygen and blood being drawn to the applied area. This is what anti-aging is all about. If you can get the oxygen to the surface of the skin you can accelerate the healing. It works beautifully after peels, micro dermabrasion, surgery and for removing age spots, sun damage and wrinkles”. There are several major cosmetic companies using emu oil in their anti-aging formulas.

In addition to the healing effects that the fatty acid esters have on the skin, it is also rich in anti-oxidants, which help slow down the aging process, and in some ways will even reverse it. Small wonder, it’s a favorite among skincare and healthcare professionals!

Thunder Ridge Emu Products are being featured in salon, spa and beauty care publications across the globe. This past month, they were featured in Marie Claire Magazine with an unsolicited testimonial by Cate Blanchette. She states that Thunder Ridge Emu Oil is one of her personal beauty care favorites.

Emu Products Are Available Locally: Thunder Ridge Emu Products are currently being sold through national distributors, health food stores, medical professionals, salons, spas and internet sales. You can find these products at:

Healthway Natural Foods throughout the DC Area

Foer’s Pharmacy, 818 18th Street, Washington, DC 20006

Village Green Apothecary, 5415 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814

Better Thymes Natural Foods, Royal Plaza Shopping Center, 417 South Street, Front Royal, VA  22630

Kate’s Natural Products, 451 University Blvd., Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Heritage Food Store, 314 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Woodbridge Family Health Clinic, 14450 Smoketown Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192

H. M. Wellness Center, 5449 Massetter Road, Ijamsville, MD 21754

WellCare Alternatives, 5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

“It’s been a long time coming but I think we are finally going to get this flightless bird off the ground!” exclaims Geller.

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