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  1. ON May 7, 2014 Everybody loves Thunder Ridge Emu Oil!

    We just love to read all the great reviews!

    Take a look at all the amazing things our oil can do for your skin, joints and general health.

    "I love emu oil. Use it whenever my skin needs added attention. Have used this brand before so I knew I was getting quality. A little goes a long way. The shipping arrived quickly and well packed. No leakage. Very pleased."

    "I am suffering from severe psoriasis and is starting to have psoriatic arthritis since last year. I started using Emo oil 6 months ago and results are amazing!! My psoriasis heals very quickly and when I have pain from arthritis it reduces pain and inflammation. It is tough for me to use emu oil everyday so I have not seen if it can get rid of psoriasis completely but the plaques are softer and inflammation is down after two days. This product is a life saver for me since I can get away with using clobetasol (steroid cream) once a week.
    Recently, my co worker was having tough time walking due to inflammation on her leg but when she used this product she saw good results within a day or two.
    So I would definitely recommend this works great for psoriasis plus its not greasy at all. It is absorbed by the skin instantly and makes skin very soft."

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