Give Your Clients What They Need for Dry, Irritated Skin

Manassas, VA – Rough, dry skin is often the result of harsh winter weather and environmental conditions. Our skin becomes flaky, itchy and unbearable. As a skincare professional, many clients and patients will ask you what the best professionally recommended options are to effectively moisten dry skin while also keeping it healthy and safe from cold, winter weather. Thunder Ridge Emu Products uses 100% pure AEA Certified American Emu Oil and the finest natural ingredients to formulate their special Moisturizing Lotion. This makes it one of the top recognized natural products in the rapidly growing green industry.

Many of your clients may wonder why emu oil is so valuable to skincare or how it works to promote healthy skin.  There are many factors that truthfully stand behind why emu oil should be the number one skincare choice. The essential fatty acids found naturally in emu oil will provide a wonderful moisturizer for rough and dry skin. Emu oil also helps facilitate healing of irritated skin conditions. Anne Geller, president of Thunder Ridge Emu Products notes, “The emu oil in our Moisturizing Lotion safely penetrates the epidermal skin layers down to the basal layer, which helps to prevent the loss of skin integrity. Since the Moisturizing Lotion is not a topical product and helps to moisten and heal the skin from the inside out, you do not need to apply as often as other products. Even if you wash your hands, you will notice they remain silky smooth with no greasy residue.”

Thunder Ridge has created a wonderful moisturizer for dry, rough and aging skin. With daily use, your clients will begin to notice softer, younger and healthier looking skin. Today, emu oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets and is being used more and more in professional salon, spa and wellness products. Currently, there is a huge demand for natural products and the green industry is getting a greater percentage of the market share. Rely on what nature has provided and explore your options with new protocols, products and treatments using emu oil.

Emu Oil – The Wonder from Down Under! Call 800-457-0617 or visit their website at for additional information and to view other products by Thunder Ridge Emu Products.

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